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LogicBalls AI apps are trained to write persuasive and story-style content. Our AI solution is helping startups, small businesses, creators, and marketing agencies, with over 200+ apps available

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Song Lyrics Generator
Course Description Generator
Course Name Generator


Paraphrasing Tool (Paraphraser)
Video Marketing Strategy Generator
Acronym Generator


Facebook Ads Generator
About Us Page Generator
Advertisement Script Generator

Social Media

Facebook Hashtag Generator
Hacker News Post Comment Generator


Proposal Generator
LinkedIn Inmail Generator


Keywords Extractor
SEO Meta Title Generator
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Why LogicBalls?

Utilize LogicBalls for efficient content creation, improved marketing effectiveness, and stress-free business growth, all while ensuring quality and speed.

Enhanced Productivity

“By utilizing LogicBalls AI writing assistance, the pain-point of time-consuming content creation is eliminated. This allows to focus more on strategic tasks in the marketing, increasing overall productivity and business performance.”

Lead Generation

“The AI's skill in creating excellent content helps engage the audience and brings in more potential customers. This is a crucial aspect of reaching our goal because it enables us to create compelling marketing messages that attract and convert customers.”


“The automated writing assistant speedup your process and generate quick content for your marketing strategy. This results in significant cost savings, making your business processes more efficient and cost-effective.”

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