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Passive to Active Voice Converter

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Active Voice & Passive Voice

Active Voice:

  • The subject does the action.
  • The verb is active.
  • Usually, it's clear and direct.
  • Example: The chef baked a yummy cake. (Chef = subject, baked = active verb)

Passive Voice:

  • The focus is on the action's receiver.
  • The passive verb forms with "to be" and a past participle.
  • It can sound more formal.
  • Example: The cake was baked by the chef. (Cake = object, was baked = passive verb)

Identifying Active or Passive Voice:

Look at the subject and action to know if a sentence is active or passive. If the subject does the action directly, it's active. If the subject receives the action and there's "to be" (is, am, are, was, were) with a past participle, it's passive.

Active Voice Example:

The dog chased the ball

  • Subject: Dog
  • Object: Ball
  • Action: Chasing the ball
  • This is an active voice.

Passive Voice Example:

The ball was chased by the dog

  • Subject: Dog
  • Object: Ball
  • Action: Chasing the ball
  • The object gets the action, and "was" is in the sentence. So, it's passive voice.

What is a Passive to Active Voice Converter

A free AI passive-to-active converter is a tool or software designed to change sentences from passive voice (where the subject receives the action) to active voice (where the subject acts). It helps enhance clarity and readability by transforming the structure of sentences, making the writing more direct and engaging.

This tool is useful for writers and communicators looking to vary sentence structures or meet specific writing requirements.

Benefits of Using Passive to Active Voice Converter Tool

Using a passive-to-active voice translator offers several benefits:

  • Explore Writing Styles:

    The passive voice to active voice converter adds variety to your writing. It effortlessly changes sentences from passive (the subject receives the action) to active voice (the subject acts).
  • Meet Specific Requirements:

    Many situations demand an active voice sentence. Use the free converter tool to align your writing with specific requirements, ensuring flexibility in your style.
  • Enhance Clarity:

    The passive-to-active sentence rewriter lets you try different sentence structures, potentially improving clarity and readability in specific situations.
  • Save Time:

    Manually changing sentences takes time. The passive-to-active converter tool streamlines the process, saving valuable time for other writing and editing tasks.
  • User-Friendly:

    Passive voice to active voice translators are easy to use, requiring just a few clicks to transform your sentences. They're accessible to writers of all skill levels.
  • Enhance Readability:

    Improve your content's readability by changing passive constructions to active voice, ensuring it resonates with a broader audience.
  • Seamless Sentence Rewriting:

    Seamlessly rewrite sentences with our passive-to-active sentence translator, adapting them to a more lively and engaging writing tone.

How to Use Passive to Active Sentence Rewriter Tool

Follow these simple steps to utilize the free passive voice to active voice generator, facilitating the process of changing passive voice to active voice effortlessly.

  1. Step 1: Enter Your Sentence:

    Input the passive voice sentence you want to change into the passive to active converter tool.
  2. Step 2: Click Convert:

    Press the "Convert" button to let the free AI sentence rewriter tool change the passive sentence into an active voice.
  3. Step 3: Review and Edit (if needed):

    Check the converted sentence for accuracy. Make any necessary edits and use the final active voice result in your writing.

Who Benefits from the Passive to Active Voice Converter Tool

A wide range of individuals and professionals use the passive voice to active voice converter to improve their writing:

  1. Writers and Content Creators:

    Enhance your writing by exploring different sentence structures with the passive-to-active converter tool.
  2. Students and Academics:

    Get convenient and cost-free assistance with academic papers or assignments using the free online passive-to-active voice converter.
  3. Freelancers and Copywriters:

    Refine your writing style with valuable features from the passive to active sentence rewriter tool.
  4. Language Learners:

    Practice different sentence structures and improve English comprehension with the active to-passive translator feature.
  5. Online Writers and Bloggers:

    Quickly adapt sentence structures for enhanced readability with the free passive-to-active voice converter.
  6. Editing and Proofreading Services:

    Streamline the editing process by using the active voice in the passive voice generator tool.
  7. General Users:

    Anyone aiming to effortlessly change sentence structures for various purposes, including those indicated by keywords like "change passive to active" and active to passive voice changer can find value in this versatile tool.

Opting for LogicBall’s Free Sentence Rewriter Tool

Provides numerous advantages, greatly enhancing your writing experience, simplifying the process, and improving overall content quality. When looking for the best passive voice-to-active voice generator, here's why our solution stands out:

  1. Completely Free, No Registration Required:

    Prioritizing accessibility, our passive to active generator is entirely free, eliminating the need for time-consuming registrations. Start transforming your sentences hassle-free.
  2. User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface:

    Designed for ease, our passive-to-active voice converter online is user-friendly, allowing anyone to transform sentences effortlessly. No technical expertise is required – our tool is straightforward and accessible.
  3. Advanced Transformation Features:

    With robust transformation features, effortlessly convert your sentences. Tailor your content, adjust the structure, and refine it in real-time to meet your specific style requirements.
  4. Support for 50+ Languages:

    Our free passive-to-active voice converter online supports over 50 languages, ensuring you can connect and assist users worldwide. Speak their language and convert sentences into languages that resonate, no matter your audience's location.


Absolutely! LogicBalls AI believes in accessibility, providing the converter for free with no registration or sign-up requirements.

LogicBalls AI ensures high accuracy. While users are encouraged to review converted sentences, our tool is designed for precision.

Yes, the LogicBalls AI tool is crafted to preserve the original meaning during sentence conversion. Smart technology ensures the main message remains intact.

Our tool utilizes advanced algorithms to identify sentence structures and automatically adjusts them, ensuring accurate and efficient conversion.

To change passive voice to active voice, identify the subject, move it to the front, replace the verb, include the object if needed, adjust the tense, and review for clarity. Following these steps ensures clearer and more engaging sentences.

The formula for constructing sentences in active voice is to start with the subject, followed by the verb, and then the object (if applicable). This structure ensures clear and direct communication of the action performed by the subject.