10 Ways to Use AI in Email Marketing Campaign

Did you know that AI can be incredibly helpful in email marketing campaigns? I can help you learn 10 effective ways to use AI in email marketing campaigns.

Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia

Monday, Jan 22, 2024

AI, AI, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Gosh! We all know that AI is seemingly worldwide. When all businesses are moving and making a strong presence in the digital marketplace, how can they also miss using AI, especially for writing effective emails and content to reach their audience?

Okay.. before jumping into the context, tell me how often you have used ChatGPT to generate ideas, outlines, copies, and more. I’m pretty sure AI would be your go-to tool in your daily work. Though many AI writing tools are in the market, only some tools are worth the investment, like LogicBalls, Jasper, Copy.ai, etc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become important in the realm of the marketing sector, especially in email marketing and content marketing. Even Google has introduced AI to Gmail, and also there are many AI applications to make writing easier for users.

Furthermore, to make say whaaaat??

Email marketing’s customer base is likely to reach 4.6 billion by 2025, more than half of the world’s population! With the average industry’s open rate is 21.33% - According to MailChimp.

In this article, I will take you through the 10 best ways to use AI in your email marketing campaign to grow your business, starting today in 2024.

Without any further ado! Let’s begin..

What is AI in Email Marketing?

AI in email marketing is the fusion of technology and communication to enhance your email marketing campaign through personalization and automation. We all know that AI tools can tailor your content with any keywords or query you ask for and email marketing tools that ease your segmentation and automation process.

In that case, LogicBalls AI helps you generate content with a customized brand tone and voice. The best part is that the tool supports 60+ languages with 20+ tones that help you resonate with your messages globally, adhering to your brand communication style and tone.

Now, let’s move down to figure out the top 10 ways to leverage AI in your email marketing campaigns for better conversions.

10 Ways On How to Use AI in Email Marketing Campaigns

Now, learn the better, actionable, and more effective ways to leverage AI in your email marketing campaigns.

1. Create Personalized Emails for More Engagement

The word “campaign” gives you a clear idea that you are not sending one or two emails but bulk emails. In that case, personalized emails are crucial for engagement both (open rates and conversions). It is no wonder that 74% of people hate to receive impersonalized, irrelevant emails in their inboxes, according to Optinmonster.

That is where the idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence) pops in, and many marketers have started to use AI in their email marketing campaigns to avoid sending batch and blast emails. Imagine when your audience opens your email and finds it with their name and personalized email copy; they are likely to convert.

2. Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Once I heard about it, I used to add emojis to the email subject line to make it look personalized, interesting, and engaging. How many are in like me? And saw no boosting but rather a higher unsubscribing rate.

Yes, later, as stated in TIDIO and the article I read, I learned that adding emojis to the subject line reduces the open rate to 6% and the unsubscribe rate to 40%. (This made me to roll my eyes). We know people judge a book by its cover, as do emails with its subject line. But how can AI help in this?

Undoubtedly, an AI can generate multiple subject lines that resonate with your readers in one click. In that way, AI tools like LogicBalls can generate not only email copy but also multiple effective and engaging subject lines that help in open rate.

3. Leverage AI in Email Segmentation

In email marketing strategy, segmentation is vital in deliverability and conversion, which can also eventually improve your email marketing strategy overall for your business. With all businesses like yours holding a high volume of customer data, it is impossible to segment manually. Though you do, it can be time-consuming and prone to error.

Thus, many marketers have opted for AI powered solutions to automate this heavy process. The AI platform helps you segment your email list based on your existing customers’ information (interest, behavior, preference, age, location, gender, and more).

According to Sender, segmented emails have a 46% higher open rate. So, a tool like BayEngage gives you an excellent solution for providing segmentation reports that every business must have.

4. Improvize your Email Campaigns by A/B Testing

Another critical aspect to be added to the bag for a successful email marketing campaign is A/B testing. It is the process of testing the various elements of your email campaign (subject line, content, etc.). This gives you a crystal clear view of which subject line and email copy work for that particular campaign.

Remember: What worked for one campaign is not necessarily to work for another.

In this process, AI (Artificial Intelligence) jumps in as a savior to automate the A/B testing and determine which combination works better for the best conversion result.

5. Assist you in Optimizing your Email and Time

Undoubtedly, AI works awe in optimizing the various aspects of the email campaign like email copy, subject line, etc. To be added, as a cherry on the cake, AI can analyze the trends in email marketing and incorporate them effectively into your upcoming email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, sending time plays an important role in open rate and conversions. In that way, AI tools help you optimize your email-sending time by analyzing your subscriber activity history.

6. Filtering out the Spam Email

Hmmm! Spammy, Spammy, Spammy emails..

We all will have emails in our spam folder, even today. That can be from different brands; even our favorite brands can be among them. As a marketer, when you run email marketing campaigns for your business, the prime focus will be email deliverability, open rate, click-through rate, and conversion.

In that way, the AI tool will help you detect whether the emails are spam or not based on various parameters. This can reduce the number of spam emails and increase your email marketing campaign performance.

7. Customize your Email Retargeting

One of the effective ways to improve your conversion rate is adding an email retargeting strategy to your marketing strategy. As stated in Snov.io, 59% of consumers have said that email has influenced their shopping decisions.

You might think, how can AI help in email retargeting strategy?

Email retargeting is nothing but targeting specific customers with highly relevant emails. Some customers might respond to the emails right off the bat, and some take a day or two to respond.

For example, let’s take an abandoned cart email; in this email, AI comes in handy in optimizing the subject line, email copy, and sending time, which are more important to increasing sales conversion rate and value.

Some email marketing tools with AI, like BayEngage, can help you predict insight and send targeted emails to the eCommerce industry.

8. Make your Email List Clean

We use various ways to collect customer databases, but have you ever cleaned the email list at regular intervals?

Cleaning your email list is as important as collecting. We know it is a back-breaking process to analyze and clean the email list one by one and organize it. To check that your email list is reliable and not flagged by an email service provider (ESP), an AI-powered email marketing tool comes in handy.

The AI-powered solution helps clean the email database by removing the old and inactive email contacts and updating it with the new information.

9. Promote product Recommendation

We all know people don’t like receiving irrelevant and blasting emails, so do your random product recommendations. But cross-selling/upselling is one important factor to follow in your marketing strategy as a brand. What can be done?

In that way, AI can help you to analyze your customer’s online activity on tabs. And respond to them with highly personalized product recommendations via email that can turn into conversion.

10. Automate your Email campaigns

When planning drip or retargeting campaigns, analyzing the perfect time to deliver your email to the recipient’s inbox is hard. We would have heard that “sending a message to the right person at the right time” matters for communication and conversion.

That is where the AI tool jumps in again to finetune the email automation process more easily by personalizing the email campaign (subject line, email copy, etc). According to customer behavior and past incidents, such as product browsing, past purchases, abandoned carts, etc., an AI-incorporated email marketing automation tool helps you set and run campaigns that result in conversions.

Ready to Leverage AI in Email Marketing Campaigns?

Well, we all know email goes hand-in-hand with every marketing and sales funnel strategy. As a marketer and business owner, it’s high time you invest in AI in email marketing for a better email conversion rate that improves your business return on investment.

Get to read and implement the “10 ways how to use AI in email marketing campaigns” effectively in order to see better success in your email marketing campaigns.

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