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Searching for a pathway to infuse AI into your content strategy? Our comprehensive guide on creating personalized content with AI delivers expert insights, actionable steps, and innovative methods to curate content that resonates with your audience. Dive into our guide today

Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is a relatively recent technology that is revolutionizing different industries all over the World. Among these impacted fields, content creation is something that has been revamped completely.

Now, content writers prefer not to type the entirety of their content from start to finish. Instead, they use AI to create the first draft of content for them and make changes to it to make it publish-worthy. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

This post will break down everything there is to know about AI-based content creation and optimization. By the end of this post, you will know how to create highly personalized content that is exactly curated to your audience’s needs and wants.

What is Personalized Content?

As we have mentioned before, personalized content is a piece of writing optimized to an audience’s exact preferences. So, for example, if you are writing a blog about cars and the intended audience is young people, then you can personalize it by:

  • Talk about supercars instead of old-school cars because teenagers or young people like that sort of content more.

  • Use simple language so that they can understand what’s written.

  • Write in a humorous tone to keep the engagement rate high and users read your content attentively.

  • Use images frequently because people these days can hardly read plain text.

  • Keep paragraphs short for easy readability.

If you think this seems like a difficult task, don’t worry because it is. However, with the latest AI and optimization tools, this daunting task becomes a straightforward process. This is what our article is about.

We will teach you how all of this personalization can be done with the help of AI copywriting tools.

How to Use AI for Personalized Content Creation

If you want to use AI for proper content creation, you can’t just rely on a chatbot alone. In other words, if you publish a piece of writing that is generated by AI without any optimization, then it won’t work in the search engine. It might even get penalized.

So, follow the steps given to get the maximum personalization.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

B2C marketers reported to CMI that the top three goals content marketing helps them to achieve include enhancing brand awareness, trust-building, and educating their target audience.

Personalization can only be offered if you know the target audience. This rule doesn’t only apply in AI content creation. This trick or method is also used in traditional content creation. So, in other words, you have to research your audience.

Once you know the nature of your audience’s intellect and content preferences, you will be able to optimize AI according to that. In other words, you can give AI chatbots specific commands or prompts so that the content can be made simple or complex.

To perform this type of research, you can use various mediums like analytics tools and user behavior-tracking software.

2. Give Multiple Prompts for Maximum Optimization

If you have noticed, AI chatbots create a really generalized type of content that isn’t very interesting to read. But if you give proper prompts to the same chatbot, then it will make your writing a little more attractive. Here is an example of a series of prompts that you can give:

  1. Write an article about ‘technological advancements in marketing.’
  2. Include interesting facts in this article.
  3. Make this article easier to read.
  4. Use longer sentences.
  5. Insert bullet points and lists.

In this way, you can get a highly personalized piece of content with the help of an AI chatbot.

An alternative way of using AI in this situation could be to manually optimize a piece of content you wrote.

3. Insert Keywords

An online source shows that posts with targeted keywords have 45% higher click-through rate.

Keywords are the means for search engine position dominance. In simple words, if you properly use keywords, your content will rank higher in the search results. As an outcome, you will get more visitors and readers.

This will improve engagement rates. Also, this contributes to the enhancement of personalization. Yes, if you add relevant keywords, the content will reach an organic audience that is highly interested in your work. So, with the help of keywords, your content reaches the desired target audience. The AI keyword generator can help you generate relevant keywords for your content.

Inserting keywords only will not help you get rank higher in SERP. You must create some backlinks to secure top positions. Getting a link from a higher DA PA domain gives more authority. To check the DA PA of any domain, you can use a DA PA checker.

4. Use Seamless Promotion

The purpose of writing a piece of content is usually to promote a product, service, or business as a whole. But if you keep promoting your work repeatedly in your writing, the user will get bored and most probably skip the reading.

That’s why you need to make sure that your promotional methods are seamless. Here’s a way you can do this:

  • Choose a topic that is relevant to your product, service, or business.
  • Find a way to insert a promotional piece of content into your writing in a natural way.
  • You can also insert a hyperlink or something that directs the user to your desired destination. This can be a product page, website, social media page, or whatever.

The second step is using an AI tool such as a marketing plan generator that can do quite easily. It can manipulate already generated content in a way that the promotion doesn’t look forced. Instead, the sentences flow naturally and also persuade users to some extent.

5. Use Customizable Tools for No Detection

The last step is not that relevant to personalization, but it is necessary because raw AI content gets detected by the search engine. This increases the chance of your site being penalized or flagged. This is because Google has some strict policies against using AI-generated content.

One way to avoid this is to rewrite the AI content. You just have to keep the original meaning as it is. But this can sometimes be difficult. So, a wise option is to use automated online tools for this purpose.

This is why you need to use a text rewriter to make your content less detectable or not detectable at all. These rewriters are tools that change the wording and structuring of sentences while keeping the intent of your write-up intact.

In this way, you are able to provide relevant content to your users with maximum safety.


In the end, we would like to throw some more shade onto the importance of AI and its role in the modern era. This modern technology is paving the way for content creation in the future. So, the sooner you get accustomed to it, the better.

Also, these tools are able to generate high-quality informative content. All you have to do is optimize it as explained in the article. Some additional steps, like inserting images or backlinks, can also be helpful. So, just study and implement these techniques and wait for improved results.

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